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Case Study:

Biz Books

Background: BizBooks is a subsidiary of American City Business Journals, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. BizBooks creates business publications in more than 70 U.S. cities nationwide, and its the dominant player in the industry. In 2000, BizBooks installed MOM as a subscription order entry system to accept web and phone orders in Charlotte. However, they also needed an application to segment and distribute these orders to 70 different cities.

DMSI Solution: DMSI realized that a user-friendly point-and-click approach was required to simplify this multi-stage process. DMSI designed an approach that imports web and phone orders from MOM into a customized MS Access program. Customer orders are then processed and segregated for each of the 70 cities. The orders are then posted to FTP sites for immediate fulfillment. The overall result is a streamlined process that saves time and effort from the previous fax-based approach, improving turnaround time of subscription orders dramatically. The true test for this system came in February 2001, upon the death of race car driver Dale Earnhardt. As a publisher of NASCAR news, Biz Books was inundated with orders for their magazines. The DMSI system responded handsomely to this challenge by expediting fulfillment of orders almost overnight. Once again, DMSI simplified the complex.

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