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Case Study:


Background: Michael Kramm, the President of Capresso, has been called the "Coffee King" by The Washington Times. HOME Magazine calls him the "Java Giant." Michael came to this country from Germany in 1976 and started Krups USA from scratch. From that humble beginning, he built a $100 million business. In 1994, he launched Capresso to provide high-end innovative coffee and espresso machines for consumers. Capresso needed MOM to be configured to perform 3 functions:

  1. Accept customer orders
  2. Send repair orders to a remote facility in another state
  3. Track the warranty activity of Capresso products

DMSI Solution: DMSI began by installing MOM, and providing staff training on-site at Capresso. MOM was then customized to accept warranty products, as well as demographic information supplied by consumers on their warranty cards. Finally, DMSI built a custom interface with MOM using MS Access - to create Excel spreadsheets for all of the repair orders. Let Michael explain the success of this program:

Desktop Marketing Solutions, Inc. was the fastest and best computer consultant we ever had. Within three days we were able to convert our customer service department and customer warehouse staff of 11 people on to a computerized system. We had a 20% savings in personnel and are now shipping and responding faster than ever before.

Your knowledge of the system and your "hands-on" approach made it easy to convert. Equally important is the fact that we can always call you on short notice and can get advice over the phone.

Michael Kramm,
President Capresso Inc

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