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Case Study:

Homespun Tapes

Background: Homespun Tapes, founded in 1966 and based in Woodstock NY, grew out of the conviction that making music is a positive and beneficial activity, whether you are a professional musician or just learning to play to entertain yourself, your family and friends. Homespun's founder, Happy Traum, is renowned in music and guitar circles for his contributions to the industry. Homespun has received media attention in Time, People, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Playboy and in dozens of newspapers around the country. The company has also been featured on NBC's Today Show, CNN's Entertainment Tonight, NPR's All Things Considered and the Discovery Channel's Monitor World News.

Homespun presented DMSI with a number of system requirements. They needed all of the following:

  1. Installing MOM, and training staff.
  2. The existing customer database needed to be converted to MOM.
  3. A reporting system for royalty commissions for contributing artists.
  4. An easy conversion of daily web orders into their database.

DMSI Solution: Homespun, like many other MOM users, did not have any professional tech staff or systems administrators on board. Thus, any solution needed to be reliable and easy to use. DMSI used three off-the-shelf programs to achieve this objective: Multichannel Order Manager (MOM), Crystal Reports and DoubleTake.

Step 1: More than 200,000 orders were converted into the Multichannel Order Manager database.

Step 2: Crystal Reports was customized to provide the royalty reporting required.

Step 3: DoubleTake, a desktop deduping program, was installed and customized to convert web orders into an import file for Multichannel Order Manager. This task included setting up a deduping capability so that repeat customers would be recognized prior to import. This avoided creating duplicate customer records in MOM.

We had been using a custom order entry package for 10 years, and needed to upgrade our large database. Desktop Marketing took on the daunting task of converting us to an off-the-shelf product. They made this rather daunting task quite painless and were professional and fun to work with. Response time was always superb and we proceeded directly into our busiest season with absolutely no down time".

Susan Robinson, Operations Manager
Homespun Tapes

DMSI recommends using M.O.M.

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