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Our philosophy is that marketing leads, and other functionality follows. Why does marketing trump these other necessary specialties? Unless you are targeting the right customers/prospects with the right message at the right time, it doesn't matter how well your accounting, inventory control and other applications are working. MOM is a terrific application for many operational functions, and has wisely chosen to concentrate on doing those functions right. (In fact, we recommend it). However, Database Marketing is a specialty area that is not supported by MOM "out of the box". This is where DMSI fits in.

Our niche is mid-to-large size MOM users - between 25 K and 1.5 million customers - who need the power of advanced database techniques to grow their business.

Our complete list of services is also provided in the FREE Database Tips. You can request your own copy by signing up here.

As a valued DMSI customer, you can trust that your software solutions will be grounded in sound database marketing theory and practice. Our "Seal of Approval" is demonstrated by the affiliation between DMSI and Johns Hopkins University. Bruce Gregoire, President of DMSI, is an Adjunct Professor at JHU, and teaches the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) course. The DMSI affiliation with JHU has specific benefit to our clients. Our network of marketing faculty and students represent some of the leading organizations in the mid-Atlantic region, such as AOL, AARP, Compaq, EDS, and Verizon. Through this professional network, we are exposed to cutting-edge approaches in database-driven marketing and e-commerce. We convert this learning into better database solutions, which we pass along to you each and every time you contract for our services!

In general, our MOM consulting services focus on the following:

  1. MOM Installation and Customization - We can help you get the most out of your MOM investment, and avoid the pitfalls that plague so many startup projects. See the Installation page for more details.
  2. Customer Data Services - We have created a family of services that solve your data quality problems. You may have already guessed what wise database marketing pros already know: that installing just the right database software is only half the battle. Cleaning, consolidating and linking your data is required to get maximum use of its value.
  3. WiseGuysTM - DMSI originally built WiseGuysTM , our flagship application, as an add-on to the MOM database structure. Since then, we have innovated many marketing functions that you will find you can't live without (particularly if you are a B-B marketer).
DMSI recommends using M.O.M.

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