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2006 NCDM Database Excellence Award

NCDM 2006 Database Excellence Award

WiseGuys add-on software - an Award Winner!
WiseGuys can best be described as the "Quickbooks" of the direct marketing industry. By linking WiseGuys to your MOM database, you can supercharge your marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

WiseGuysTM is designed to be used by Direct Marketers. It provides a set of software tools for you to analyze your customer base inside and out. For retention of existing customers, WiseGuysTM uses RFM analysis (Recency, Frequency, & Monetary Value) to select a highly targeted audience for your mailings. If the acquisition of new customers is your priority, WiseGuysTM calculates the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customer base "to establish how much you should be spending on your acquisition promotions.

customer lifetime and value

Additionally, WiseGuysTM provides Response Analysis" so you can measure the effectiveness of each promotional campaign.

Best of all, WiseGuysTM is designed to be inexpensive, easy to use, and targeted. Inexpensive because it is written in MS Access, a low cost but powerful relational database program.

Access provides a mainstream solution that can be used on the Direct Marketer's desktop. Easy to use because WiseGuysTM requires a bare minimum of data entry: instead, it links directly to your existing order entry database. No need to export, import, or re-key data continuously.

Finally, WiseGuysTM provides a targeted solution through the use of data filters. These filters eliminate the "noise level" of unwanted or outlying data found in most databases. You won't be averaging apples and oranges together any longer.

For additional details on WiseGuys, see full product information here WiseGuys FAQ.

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