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From servicing more than 100 MOM clients since 1999, DMSI has developed many MOM Resources, programs and guidelines that are at your disposal. Here is a list valuable tools and resources available free of charge. Just call our office at (703) 941-8109, and we will arrange for delivery.

  1. Free Deduping of MOM Customer table.

    MOM's deduping function has improved over its earlier versions but is still not ideal. The biggest drawback: while MOM can identify duplicate records, it does not provide business rules for choosing which record to keep and which to suppress. For instance, you may want to keep the dupe record containing an email, and suppress the one without.

    DMSI staff use a robust deduping package called DoubleTake. Contact DMSI offices for a demo, and we'll help you dedupe your MOM customers, at no charge.

  2. Fifteen minutes of Free MOM Consulting.

    Since 1999, DMSI staff has accumulated significant experience in knowing the ins and outs of the MOM application. Call and give us your toughest problem - the first 15 minutes are free!

  3. ODBC driver utility, yours free.

    This Microsoft driver allows you to link all of your MOM Visual FoxPro tables to MS Access. Contact DMSI offices for a shareware copy (we will even help you install it - in only 10 minutes).

  4. Twelve Steps to Success.

    If you are starting to install MOM, we can send you our guideline for a successful implementation. This helps you to plan your project steps (e.g. when to set up your Authorize Net Credit Card account) from 6 weeks before startup, up to your go live date. It includes tips on setup and data conversion that you can't get from Dydacomp.

  5. WiseGuys demo - using your own data!

    Our firm developed WiseGuys in 2003 as an add-on to MOM (and later, other non-MOM applications). Think of MOM's List Management on steroids! We can provide a web based demo, using your own MOM data, free of charge. You can then see the value of WiseGuys up close and personal.

  6. Need free MOM Tech Help?

    Check out - An INDEPENDENT forum for users of Mail Order Manager tm to share and exchange ideas, opinions, gripes, techniques and other items of mutual interest and concern.

The following resources will have value for MOM users who want to do Database Marketing.

  1. Shopping cart interface with MOM.

    As an alternative to SiteLink, we recommend Commerce V3 - a robust shopping cart that currently interfaces with more than 30 MOM users. Contact Nathan Focht at (888)544-2211, or - and tell him DMSI sent you.

  2. Database Marketing Consulting.

    Click here to see a complete list of consulting services provided by Desktop Marketing Solutions, Inc.

  3. Textbook on Database Marketing.

    We use and recommend "Strategic Database Marketing", 3rd edition, by Arthur Hughes. The President of DMSI, Bruce Gregoire, uses this text in his graduate class in Marketing Information Systems at Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, a major portion of our WiseGuys application (a MOM add-on program) is based on this text. It is very readable and useful for marketers.

WiseGuys News: Announcing Real-time Integration with MOM

DMSI is pleased to announce that our flagship application - WiseGuys Marketing Software - now provides real-time integration with Mail Order Manager (MOM). The advantages of this feature to MOM users are dramatic:

  1. E-mail marketing:

    With the availability of up-to-the-minute customer purchase history, WiseGuys is now able to send cross-sell emails throughout the day. For instance, if a customer purchases a baseball in the morning, WiseGuys can run an automated query that finds all baseball buyers who have not yet bought a glove. Then, WiseGuys will fire off a batch of emails to these buyers, with an offer:

    "Thank you for your order of a baseball. We have found that customers who purchase this item also purchase a glove. Good news: if you call to order a glove before 3 PM EST, it can be included in your original shipment at no extra charge".

  2. Real-time Marketing Reports:

    You are now able to take advantage of the robust reporting in WiseGuys, with up-to-the-minute data. These reports include Customer Lifetime Value, RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) scoring, and most importantly, Matchback Response Reporting. The latter gives you current results on the success of your latest mail campaign. It also can track the success of outbound telemarketing calls - e.g do the calls indeed generate more orders?

DMSI recommends using M.O.M.

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