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Tip: Marketing Operations
  1. Oops, I just deleted Bill Gates. Do not delete name and address records that you want to suppress from further mailings. In a database, they may have order records linked to them that would disappear, and you would lose visibility of the buying history for that contact and/or organization. Instead, flag these records as "suppressed" to be ignored by your queries when pulling a mail file.

  2. Get your customers to "opt-in" for e-mail. Instruct your order entry staff to specifically ask whether your customer will permit you to send them occasional e-mail. This will become a legal requirement in the very near future, so it is a good idea to start now.

  3. Keep your e-mail virus protection current. A broadcast e-mail campaign can generate volumes of responses, and some may carry a virus. Be sure your network administrator has installed the latest virus protection to prevent database corruption.

  4. Beware of strangers. Be sure to check carefully the results of any data refresh done to your mailing database from order entry and other database sources (like NCOA). Your refresh programs may be altering a perfectly good mailing address with one that is not deliverable.

  5. Use the 5 x 5 match process. Get your help-desk staff to concatenate the first 5 characters from these 5 fields: zip code, first name, last name, organization name, and delivery address. You now have your own matchcode to dedupe your files!

  6. Got a dirty mailing list? Identify "suspect" dupes with the 3 x 5 match process. Concatenate the first 3 characters from these 5 fields: zip code, first name, last name, organization, and delivery address. Then sort your mailing list by the 3 x 5 code. You may find, for example, a PO box address and a street address for the same organization location.

  7. Don't byte me. Don't let your database techies complicate your life with jargon. They may explain, for example, that your state field is a "2 byte" field. In the world of mail file processing, a byte translates to a character (can be alpha or numeric). So it is just as accurate to speak of two characters fields. Insist on clear communication from your tech support staff.

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